Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide Pre Treated with Heated Gas

Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide | Caltron Overseas

Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide Pre Treated with Heated Algae

IgniCAL is a unique type of calcium. It is produced by heating oyster shells at 800° C. This changes the chemical structure of oyster shells from calcium carbonate to calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide. This ignition at high-temperature aids in removing most of the heavy metals which are usually found in oyster shells. The resultant product is indeed calcium with a very high absorbance level that is capable to supply most of the daily needs of your body and also maintaining healthy bone density.

This super-heated powder is then treated with Phaeophyta algae which are rich in trace elements and have a high absorption tendency and are rich in nutrients. This combination of Calcium Hydroxide and Calcium Oxide with algae is very ideal for fulfilling the calcium and other nutrient needs of the body.

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